Owners Melanie Geist and Martina Bill

Golden Roots Kitchen is a flavor driven organic prepared meal service that places quality of ingredients first. We believe that a healthy, active, and satisfying life begins with how well we are nourished. GRK features primarily plant based dishes as well as carefully selected pasture raised animal proteins to offer customers an opportunity to curate their own weekly meal plan for ease and ultimate happiness. Creative menus inspired by international cultures are packed with fresh herbs and spices and change weekly.

GRK owners Martina Bill and Melanie Geist are both graduates from the Natural Chef program at Bauman College, a holistic nutrition & culinary arts college in Berkeley California, and have been immersed and influenced by the health and wellness industry for over a decade. Martina and Melanie believe that food is the foundation of a strong community and one's health, and are inspired to serve their neighbors through thoughtful and holistic meal preparation.

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